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DME Hub Warranty Policy

DME Hub honors all factory warranties for the products we sell. Warranties offered by our suppliers can vary from brand to brand so please refer to the "Warranty" tab found on your product page for specific warranty information pertaining to your particular item. In certain cases, the manufacturer will not offer a "written" warranty of a particular item. If you find a quality issue with one of these products, you can be assured that DME Hub will work with you to resolve the matter.

100% customer satisfaction is not just another cliche to us. We understand these products have a direct impact on the quality of lives and we do not want that compromised by anything less than top quality merchandise. If we can't guarantee it, we won't sell it. Please call us with any warranty or workmanship issues. We encourage all customer feedback.

If you need an RMA to return a product for warranty evaluation, please call us at 855.339.5155 or email us at warranty@dmehub.net.

A few more words about warranty from the DME Hub company President.

I often read or hear about other internet suppliers of medical equipment offering "The Best Warranty Policy" on the internet. Do they really have the best warranty policy on the internet or is that just marketing jargon? I've been in the business for 25 years and I know that there can be certain "grey" areas set by manufacturers when it comes to product warranty. Do those companies offering "The Best Warranty Policy" on the internet effectively address those areas? We absolutely do. My staff uses logic, reasoning, and common sense when it comes to these so-called grey areas. If we sell it, we guarantee it, that's how we roll. If the manufacturer has a limited warranty or no "written" warranty on a product we sell and something goes wrong, I personally guarantee we will resolve the issue. Whether it's store credit, exchange, or full replacement, we will work with you until you're completely satisfied. We're in this business to help improve the lives of those we serve and by offering the sometimes necessary after-sale support, we're sure you'll agree that our service can't be beat.

Thank you for your business and support.

Tyler Wright