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What To Look For in a Wheelchair Wheel Lock
What To Look For in a Wheelchair Wheel Lock


Wheelchair wheel locks help the user remain stable and stationary, ensuring the wheels don’t awkwardly move around. That way, you can do what you want stationary without having to fight your chair for stability. If you want the best experience from your locks, you should dive deeper into the design details on the market. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a wheelchair wheel lock.

Push or Pull Locking?

You can browse wheelchair lock options for either push or pull locking abilities. So what’s the difference? Simply put, one requires you to push the lock, while the other requires you to pull to engage the lock. These locks are so widespread because they’re very straightforward.

Finding the perfect model for you comes down to which you feel comfortable using every day. These locks sound straightforward, but they do require a level of strength not all wheelchair users may have. Luckily, although push and pull locking are common, it’s not the only option available.

Scissor Lock Functionality

One of the reasons you may look past the push or pull locks is that you’re a very active wheelchair user. The reason for this is that the locking mechanism is easy to conceal below the seat in a scissor lock setup.

This placement makes the lock easier to avoid when quickly moving the wheelchair around. Suffice it to say that your lock shouldn’t hinder mobility when you’re not using it. The position of the scissor lock also means you can conveniently reach for it without making contact with your wheels, which can result in injury.

High-Quality Materials

As you can see, scissor, push, and pull wheel locks are all viable choices. For instance, at DME Hub, our wheelchair wheel locks for sale include all three of the aforementioned designs. However, one detail you shouldn’t overlook is the quality of materials. Each of our wheel locks contains reliable materials, such as high-quality composite and aluminum.

Using these materials allows the manufacturer to create a wheelchair that has a lightweight feel, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and durable construction. Now that you see what to look for in a wheelchair wheel lock, you can easily maneuver through the many models available. Take the tips above with you when browsing wheel locks to obtain the highest-quality option for your daily needs.

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Product Summary
Use this guide to gather valuable information before buying so that you know what to look for in a wheelchair wheel lock if you want the best experience.

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