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Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Wheelchair Cushion
Essential Tips for Selecting the Right Wheelchair Cushion


Shopping for wheelchair cushions may sound simple, but you will find many options online. So, how do you separate the best from the worst cushions and covers available? The tips below are ready when you need to plan a focused and rewarding browsing experience. Shop today with the help of our essential tips for selecting the right wheelchair cushion.

Prepare for Long-Term Protection

Always consider how the cushion will perform long-term. More specifically, consider the performance of the cushion covers. Details to look for in wheelchair cushion covers include cleaning instructions, water resistance, and breathability. At DME Hub, we have washable wheelchair seat covers that feature moisture-resistant materials for a long-lasting experience.

Taking a closer look at the performance specifications of any cushion will help you find the best option. A cushion may seem like a simple material, but looking at the complex details of its design can lead to a more rewarding experience.

Find the Right Height

An essential tip for selecting the right wheelchair cushion is assessing the height. The cushion height is important because it may not be the first thing that comes to mind. As we’ll discuss in detail in the next section, comfort reigns when it comes to great cushions.

Height can impact your overall comfort. For instance, a wheelchair cushion that is too high can create a highchair-like feel that is uncomfortable. Finding a cushion that elevates you just enough to provide proper support will ensure you can enjoy your experience on the seat every day.

Never Compromise Comfort

Height, material, and weight can all impact how comfortable your wheelchair cushion feels. Remember that if a cushion arrives in the mail and doesn’t perform how you want, you should replace it immediately. If you’re going to spend ample time in the wheelchair, it should feel as cozy as possible.

Comfort might be an obvious consideration, but it’s important to address. You shouldn’t feel like you have to settle for minor discomfort to use the most durable material or aesthetically pleasing cushion. Alternatives exist, so don’t hesitate to replace a cushion when necessary.

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Finding the right wheelchair cushion isn’t as easy as it may sound. Use these tips to shop for the most comfortable, durable option for your chair today.
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