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The Difference Between Wheelchair Brakes and Locks
The Difference Between Wheelchair Brakes and Locks


Learning the ins and outs of your wheelchair is invaluable. It helps you understand how to care for and operate each piece precisely. Plus, some components are easy to mistake for one another. The brakes and locks are particularly easy to mix up because they may sound like they do the same thing at first. Today, we want to help you avoid running into confusion when shopping for or using these pieces. Keep reading to get a closer look at the difference between wheelchair brakes and locks.

Wheelchair Brakes

Luckily, discussing the titular topic is fairly easy because the differences come down to basic functionality. The wheelchair brakes function similarly to car brakes—they gradually slow or instantly halt your movement depending on your needs in the moment. This is essential because slowing movement in the wheelchair allows for more comfortable maneuvering in any space. Brakes help you move at your own pace and react quickly during emergencies. Now, let’s take a closer look at the precise difference between wheelchair brakes and locks.

Wheelchair Locks

Wheelchair locks also help you stop moving but not in the same way that brakes do. For instance, you wouldn’t use the locks if you want to instantly stop the wheelchair from accidentally bumping into something. Instead, you’d use the brake. When you are sitting still, you can initiate the wheelchair lock to keep the chair in place.

Lock Benefits

The lock is helpful in situations when you need to get out of your wheelchair to do something. Suffice it to say that a wobbly chair is annoying when you want to get into bed; a lock will certainly come in handy here. For this reason, you should always replace a brake lock that isn’t performing well. At DME Hub, we carry plenty of wheelchair locks for individuals looking for a more suitable locking solution.

For instance, do you need locks that are more ergonomic? Your wheelchair is yours to optimize, so don’t hesitate to make it as comfortable as possible. Now that you know more about brakes and locks, you can take full advantage of them every day.

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Product Summary
Take a look at these simple differences between wheelchair brakes and locks so that you can start using both components to their fullest capacity.

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