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3 Common Wheelchair Problems and How To Fix Them
3 Common Wheelchair Problems and How To Fix Them


A wheelchair should support you every day, which is why it’s frustrating when the chair begins malfunctioning unexpectedly. From poor handling to lack of maintenance, wheelchair problems can occur for many reasons. Read more about these common wheelchair problems and how to fix them below.

Worn Upholstery

Great upholstery is essential for creating a comfortable, supportive wheelchair. Thus, if you notice any signs of sagging, wearing, or other forms of damage, it’s time to find a solution. Sometimes, a new cushion is all you need to fix the issue, but more extensive help may require the hands-on skills of a local wheelchair service. No matter the solution, never neglect upholstery problems if you want a cozy cushion. Plus, high-quality cushions are an effective way to maintain upholstery over time.

Damaged Parts

Wheelchairs contain various components that make them easy to use, but they can accrue damage over time. If you have a wheelchair owner’s manual, that’s always a great way to learn how to maintain parts, but it’s not the only solution. Visually inspecting your wheelchair every day can go a long way. Whether it’s the wheel or the casters, you can find replacement parts for any component on your chair, so don’t ignore damaged parts. We at DME Hub have wheelchair parts online to assist with replacements, including casters, wheels, armrests, seat bases, and more.

Stationary Issues

Wheel locks help your wheelchair remain stationary when necessary. Like many parts of the wheelchair, your locks may fail or loosen, making it harder to remain stationary on demand. To ensure you have full control and stability, replace malfunctioning locks as soon as possible. The locks are different from your wheelchair brakes, but both are critical to maintaining proper stability.

Use the details of this brief guide to help you identify common wheelchair problems and determine how to fix them successfully. Although wheelchair malfunctions are frustrating, they are fixable with the right parts, skills, and knowledge.

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