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What Exercises Can I Do in a Wheelchair?
What Exercises Can I Do in a Wheelchair?


It's important for anyone who can invest time in keeping their health optimum with regular physical exercise. If you're in a wheelchair, the good news is that there are exercises you can do to stay in shape, regardless of whether you're using a regular or performance wheelchair. These exercises will help you improve your strength and endurance, which can improve your health. Read on to get motivated to work out and improve your life with these exercises.

Upper Body Workouts

These exercises are important for people in regular and performance wheelchairs to maintain their health and fitness while they sit. These exercises can include hand weights or dumbbells, which can help keep your upper body strong enough so moving yourself in a wheelchair and doing certain activities will be easier for you. You can decide how many pounds you will lift and the repetitions and sets you do.

Toe Workouts

Working out your toes and feet can be done in accompaniment to your favorite songs. They involve sitting up straight and placing your feet flat on the ground or on the footplate. Point your toes up towards the ceiling and then point them back down towards the floor. You could alternate the toes on one foot with those on the other or do both simultaneously. Repeat the exercise as many times as you want to build up circulation and to make sure every part of your body is moving.


Finally, twists involve holding your hands out in front of you, with your elbows at your side. Focus on your trunk's core muscles and turn slowly to one side, as far as you can go without injuring yourself. Hold this position for a few seconds and re-center your body, then turn in the opposite direction slowly and repeat 10 times for each side. For a bigger muscle workout, suck your tummy in while doing the twists. Remember to avoid straining yourself and only do what you’re comfortable with at any time.

According to data, every year, two million new people use wheelchairs in America. If you use a wheelchair on a daily basis and are looking for simple workout routines, don’t wait to start these. Browse our selection of wheelchairs and accessories to make workouts easier.

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Read here to get motivated to work out and improve your life with these exercises that can be done in performance wheelchairs.

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