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Four Benefits of Wheelchairs that Fold
Four Benefits of Wheelchairs that Fold

If accessibility and mobility issues are of concern to you or a loved one, you are probably aware of the option of using wheelchairs that fold. Here are four benefits to using wheelchairs that fold, as opposed to wheelchairs that are rigid.

1. Easier to Transport

Everyone wants to be self-reliant. Every individual would like to have an active lifestyle, despite having limited mobility. Whether the mobility issue is a result of illness or injury, the use of wheelchairs that fold can be of great benefit in going places and doing things. Say the individual wants to travel; wheelchairs that fold are extremely easy to transport, as opposed to ones that don’t. And as a result, an individual with a folding wheelchair would be able to participate in inclusive excursions virtually anywhere in the world.

2. Easier to Store

Wheelchairs that fold are easier to store than wheelchairs that are rigid, there’s no question about it. This goes for high performance wheelchairs as well as traditional ones. If an individual with limited mobility wants to ride a bus, attend a theater performance, or take a trip on a train, having a wheelchair that folds will make getting settled much smoother. This helps save the individual from embarrassment because it will avoid the awkward moments while someone wrestles with the wheelchair as they try to find an out of the way place for it. This is important even in the instance of public transportation, which an individual could use to get back and forth to work. It has been reported that nearly all buses can accommodate individuals who use wheelchairs, about 98%. What an encouraging statistic!

3. Comparable Pricing

There are some folding wheelchairs that have prices comparable to, or perhaps even less than, traditional rigid wheelchairs. Numerous factors such as reimbursements and insurance coverage could impact the pricing of wheelchairs that fold. It would be best to inquire with your health care provider about this, to be sure and get the correct information.

4. Personal Upkeep

Wheelchairs that fold go a long way in helping people feel more self-reliant, particularly when it comes to personal hygiene. Few things in life make an individual feel better than a nice, hot shower, and a wheelchair can make that experience a reality. With a shower chair for rehab, for instance, an individual will feel that they are on the path to taking care of themselves once more.

It is possible to have a very active lifestyle in a wheelchair. Individuals are able to travel, cook, participate in activities, and more. With proper maintenance, a wheelchair is quite durable and will provide a way for individuals to live their lives. With a positive attitude and proper training, there are abundant, wonderful opportunities for individuals with limited mobility!

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