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The Wonderful Wheelie: The Best Rehabilitation Workout Around
The Wonderful Wheelie: The Best Rehabilitation Workout Around


We're all familiar with wheelies, though probably not in this context. Rather than flying down the street on the backend of a motorcycle or bicycle, wheelchair wheelies are designed to help those in rehab. Approximately 3.6 million people in this country rely on a wheelchair to get around; by performing wheelies, they are able to transform their limited mobility status and build strength where it counts. Whether you're suffering from a temporary spinal injury or have been in a wheelchair your entire life, you can benefit from wonderful wheelies.

Why Wheelies?

Wheelies are considered an essential skill for those undergoing rehabilitation for spinal injuries. While the definition remains the same for both rigid wheelchairs and Harley Davidson's, wheelchair wheelies are far from a trick; in fact, they offer three main advantages.

  • Improved quality of life: By learning to balance on your rear wheels, you will develop the strength needed to push yourself around all day. As you continue to practice, you'll become more comfortable with various terrains; whether you have to cross potholes to get to school, work, or social events, you'll be much more confident in your ability to handle the situation.

  • Less pain, fewer falls: Wheelies are practical if you require the use of a wheelchair. You never know when you'll have to quickly pop yourself up on a curb, or maneuver over an obstacle. Being able to confidently control your chair will reduce the chance of accidents inherently.

  • Connect with your chair: People who are new to limited mobility may not understand what to look for in a wheelchair. Instead of spending a lot of money on a chair that doesn't suit your needs, practicing wheelies will teach you what you require -- in terms of weight, size, and maneuverability -- for your chair.

The best place to learn and develop your wheelie skills is in a rehabilitation center. The environment is safe and you always know that you've got someone to support and catch you if the need arises. However, rehab periods are becoming shorter, so fewer people are getting the knowledge they need before returning to their lives. Don't be afraid to contact a physical therapist or find a wheelchair skills training course near you.

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