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Adaptive Sports You'll Want To Take A Shot At
Adaptive Sports You'll Want To Take A Shot At

A large population of people lives with disabilities. In 2016, a study in the United States showed that 38.9% of people over 18 with disabilities are obese. In an effort to fight this statistic and make sports more inclusive, and keep people with disabilities active, many of the most popular sports in the world are adaptive.

You've likely seen some of the more popular ones before, but we're going to go beyond the norm and introduce some of the more challenging ones. This way you can jump into or rev up your active lifestyle, regardless of a wheelchair or limited mobility.


Sounds rad, right? Because it is. Adaptive skiers are able to be fitted with a whole bunch of different equipment both standing and sitting. One of the most common setups is sitting in a bucket seat with a type of ski on the bottom, then having outlier skis in each hand. Think of outliers like ski poles with mini skis attached to the bottom for steering and support.

Paddle sports

Want to get out on the water? Kayaking, canoeing, sailing, rafting, and many variations of vessel based water sports are very easily adaptive to people with varying needs. An amazing social sport and perfect for the summer, you'll get all the upper body workout you need and a decent tan to boot.


If you've never heard of Matt Stutzman, gather 'round. He is one of the best archers in the world. He was also born without arms. He holds his bow with his feet, draws back and releases with his mouth, and holds world records. Stutzman -- "The Armless Archer" -- is one among thousands of Olympic level archers around the world. Want to try your hand at archery? Turns out you don't even need those, just the will-power and commitment to the sport. Give it a shot.

Maintaining an active lifestyle can be difficult with a disability. The possibilities and opportunities are out there but require a little self-advocacy and dedication to a process that isn't easy. You didn't come here for easy, you came here to be active and live your life beyond the confines of a wheelchair. Get to it.

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