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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wheelchair
3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wheelchair


For many people, it seems as though all wheelchairs are the same. Two wheels, two arm pads, a seat with a backrest, and a braking mechanism. Yes, there are manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs diversifying the options, but there’s more to consider than that. Whether some is looking to lead an active lifestyle or just have the basic accessibility required for day to day life, there’s plenty to consider when choosing a wheelchair.

How Comfortable is the Wheelchair?

For those with limited mobility, wheelchairs are vital to remaining self-reliant. This means that people who need wheelchairs are going to spend a lot of time in them. So, it’s important that the wheelchair is comfortable. It’s easy to overlook something like the wheelchair arm pad. However, if the wheelchair arm pad is thin, or otherwise uncomfortable, then the user should consider replacing it, with one that better fits their needs. Luckily, something like a wheelchair arm pad is customizable, so users can get the most out of their wheelchair. The same can be said for a wheelchair cushion and the size of the seat itself.

What the Climate is Like

For those who live in a wintery climate, there are several additional factors to consider. For instance, people don’t always shovel their walkways to the best of their abilities, leaving someone in a wheelchair with no option but to go into the road. This can, for obvious reasons such as the fact it is dark for more hours in the winter and roads are naturally more narrow, be extremely dangerous. For that reason, a lot of people make sure that their wheelchair has a reflective tape on it or a light of some kind. A lot of people also look to wheelchair tires as a solution, putting on a kind of winter tire that will better grip ice and snow.

Is it Transportable?

Not everyone who uses a wheelchair is confined to it, rather they need to go longer distances or if they have an issue that flairs up, but they don’t want to lose their mobility. For this reason, it’s important to recognize if your wheelchair is light enough to easily be transported, or if it can fold down to be stored more easily. These types of wheelchairs offer more versatility to the user than a large, bulky chair that they can never get away from. After all, with 98% of public transportation able to accommodate those in wheelchairs, there’s no excuse not to have a chair that takes advantage.

Choosing the right wheelchair can be overwhelming. However, if a person simply remembers what their biggest needs are out of the wheelchair, and what common situations may arise from an uncomfortable wheelchair arm pad to getting their wheels stuck in the snow, they’ll be able to pick out the wheelchair that suits them best. Once they have the right wheelchair for them, they’ll be able to get back to living as active a lifestyle as possible.


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There’s plenty to consider when choosing a wheelchair, like whether it has a comfortable wheelchair arm pad. Learn three important factors to consider here.

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