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3 Qualities You Should Consider When Selecting Wheelchair Wheels
3 Qualities You Should Consider When Selecting Wheelchair Wheels


The wheels of your wheelchair will impact your mobility, speed, control, maneuverability, and the smoothness of your ride. As a wheelchair user with an active lifestyle, you need wheelchair wheels that boost the performance and comfortability of your wheelchair. As such, you need to carefully select your wheelchair wheels to ensure you get the best out of your ride. You should consider the top quality wheelchair wheels such as spinergy wheelchair wheels.

Here is what to consider when selecting wheelchair wheels:

1. The Weight Limit of the Wheelchair Wheels

This is probably one of the most crucial factors you should consider when selecting wheelchair wheels. The rare wheels of your wheelchair should accommodate your weight with no strain. Ideally, you should select wheels with a weight limit higher than your current body weight to give you an allowance if you put on more weight in the future. Spinergy wheelchair wheels have a weight limit of 250 pounds. Given that an American adult's average weight is about 195 pounds, the weight limit of spinergy wheelchair wheels is way above average. This makes spinergy wheelchair wheels a top favorite among wheelchair users because the weight limit accommodates most users' body weights. And this is good news because it's estimated that 10% of the world's population – about 650 million – have a disability that necessitates wheelchair use.

2. The Weight of the Wheels

Overall, a lighter wheelchair is more desirable because it's easier to push and to load to a car. For this reason, you want wheels that are lighter and don't add to the overall weight of your wheelchair. For instance, spinergy wheelchair wheels are light-weight and only add about 5oz to your wheelchair. This ensures that the rare wheels will not hold you back as you ride because you'll use less energy to propel your wheelchair forward. Lighter wheels come in handy during inclusive excursions when you're in tough off-road terrain. Since light-weight wheels are easier to push, you'll have fewer occurrences of rotator cuff strain, blisters, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Is the Wheelchair Wheel Safe to Push?

The wheel of your wheelchair has the following components- wheelchair tires, a hub, spokes or MAGs, and wheelchair hand rims. The wheelchair hand rim grip should be firm enough to allow you to push your wheelchair almost effortlessly. The rim should protect your hands from impact loading. Top-quality wheels such as spinergy wheelchair wheels utilize a soft high friction urethane material to give the hand rims a firm grip. The design of the rim determines how safe the rim is for you to push. There shouldn't be any gaps on the rim that may get your fingers stuck as you push your wheelchair. Spinergy wheelchair wheels utilize rims that boost your mobility in tight spaces because they squeeze inwards when you are navigating in narrow areas.

The spokes of the wheelchair wheel also determine your safety when propelling your wheelchair. Spinergy wheelchair wheels have strong spokes that don't bend or crack easily. When you push your wheelchair with more vigor to increase your speed, poor quality spokes may bend or crack. Your fingers may sustain untold damage if they are unfortunately trapped by a cracked or bent spoke. That's why your wheelchair wheels should have quality spokes that can absorb shock under heavy usage. Additionally, the spokes control how loud or silent your wheels are. You don't want to endure the irritating steel-spoke-cracking that is a dilemma with poor quality steel spokes. This is why spinergy wheelchair wheels are made of top-quality fiber strands that are very quiet and incredibly firm. And even better, you don't have to worry about the spokes getting wet and sustaining rust.

Ultimately, you want to buy wheelchair wheels that will boost the overall quality of your wheelchair. Ensure that the wheels you choose can accommodate your body weight. The design of the ideal wheelchair wheels should allow for safe pushing and braking. Top-quality wheels like spinergy wheelchair wheels will offer you these and more qualities.


Product Summary
You need to carefully select your wheelchair wheels to ensure you get the best out of your ride. You should consider the top quality wheelchair wheels such as spinergy wheelchair wheels.

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