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Benefits Of Wheelchair Rim Grip Tape
Benefits Of Wheelchair Rim Grip Tape


When you rely on a wheelchair to get around, you may encounter problems in everyday life. Yet, many individuals with disabilities never know that small accessibility modifications to their wheelchair can make all the difference.

With two million new wheelchair users in the United States every year, you're not alone in your frustrations. Let's delve into the advantages of wheelchair rim grip tape and why you should consider picking some up. It's not only practical but can allow you to live a more active lifestyle.

It's Practical

When it comes to wheelchair rim grip tape, you might think, is it really that practical? When you apply grip tape to wheels and their rims, you create a surface in which you can always grasp and get yourself moving in almost any weather condition. Since being able to grip the rim of your wheels and push is the entire point of getting around in a wheelchair, it's intensely practical.

Easily Replaceable

Another wonderful aspect of wheelchair rim grip tape is that it's easily replaceable once it has worn down. Eventually, especially if you lead an active lifestyle, the tape will lose a bit of its grip or your gloves will wear it down. But instead of having to change the entire wheel or pull out all the stops, you can simply add a new layer of tape and be good to go. This makes it a great addition to your traveling bag or wheelchair accessory kit for emergencies or general everyday hassles. No matter where you are, be confident that you can grip your wheels and move around with ease!

Works Better With Other Accessories

When you rely on wheelchair rim grip tape, you might also not want to rely on your hands getting as calloused as a lumberjack's. Wheelchair rim grip tape is totally compatible with gloves that have a grip surface or are marketed as tough and sturdy. By combining these two together, you can pretty much make sure that you'll never spin your wheels again and always be able to get a grip to get going. Instead of being frustrated and having to find another solution, you can get on with your life and get to your destination with gusto.

An Excellent Gift for Others

Wheelchair rim grip tape also takes on another special aspect: it's a great gift! Like buying someone mittens in a cold weather state or a coffee lover a mug, grip tape for those in a wheelchair is intensely practical, personal, and a well-meaning gift. It may not even be something that the person has thought about, or it's one of those accessories that they are constantly running out of, so you have just made their life easier. Whatever the case, it's hard to go wrong with gifting wheelchair rim grip tape for those who need it.

When you're in a wheelchair, it's your everyday life to figure out how to make it work for you and not incur extra hassles. So, isn't having a simple and low-cost tool like grip tape just another wonderful piece of the puzzle? Instead of having to constantly wonder about the state of your wheels and find the missing piece, you can pull your trusty grip tape out of your pocket and be good to go.


Product Summary
Let's delve into the advantages of wheelchair rim grip tape and why you should consider picking some up.

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