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The Different Types of Wheelchair Casters
The Different Types of Wheelchair Casters


After buying a wheelchair, you can still make upgrades using replacement parts. Two of the areas that you can customize are each of the front casters. That said, you may not understand what to expect when swapping out your casters for a new set. Look at the different types of wheelchair casters detailed below to find the best match for your hardware.

Soft Roll

Polyurethane tires and durable aluminum casters make up high-quality soft roll casters. Both materials are lightweight, so the good news is that these tires won’t put excessive weight on the wheelchair. Additionally, the soft but strong design of the poly tires ensures a smooth ride, even over rough terrain.

Thanks to the ability of soft roll tires to absorb vibrations as you move, you can have a more comfortable experience sitting down. Always read caster product listings carefully to ensure they use high-quality materials.


When you’re looking at the different types of wheelchair casters online, a common option you’ll see is pneumatic. Like soft roll casters, the pneumatic designs offer great shock absorption so that you can experience a smoother ride.

Plus, pneumatic casters are lightweight. Of course, you should think about tire pressure when using pneumatic tires, but these casters can be durable if you install the right set. For example, wheelchair front casters at DME Hub are available in soft roll and pneumatic options. Among our pneumatic sets are casters that can handle rougher terrain successfully.

Aesthetic Impacts

A key factor that goes into choosing between pneumatic and soft roll casters is the aesthetic opportunities. Both casters deliver comfortable performance, but how do you feel about the appearance? Some prefer the thicker tire on a pneumatic caster, while some choose the soft rolls with their slim tires and eye-catching rims.

You can also take visual customization further with caster colors. For example, at DME Hub, our soft roll casters come in various vibrant colors, such as gold, blue, purple, and more. Not only can you customize the rim color but also the tire color. Check out the casters lining the market today to see how you can maximize wheelchair comfort and looks anytime you’d like.


Product Summary
Look at this list of the different types of wheelchair casters to learn how you can update your chair’s performance and appearance at any point.

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