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Inclusive Travel: The Top 5 Most Wheelchair-Accessible Cities In The US
Inclusive Travel: The Top 5 Most Wheelchair-Accessible Cities In The US


America is a big place. Covering 3.797 million square miles, our beautiful nation boasts picturesque coastlines, sprawling plains, thick forests, and boundless deserts: any climate you could ever want to experience is available right here at home.

However, life isn't that simple for those with limited mobility; over 20 million Americans have serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs, making travel inherently more challenging. In an effort to make vacations feasible for those dependent on rigid wheelchairs and folding wheelchairs, we've compiled a list of the five most wheelchair-accessible cities in the country.

  1. Seattle, Washington: The modern and green city of Seattle offers unprecedented levels of accessibility. From wheel-friendly ferries and taxies to wheelchair ramps at most major locations (like the Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, and the famous Space Needle), navigating through the city is easier than ever.

  2. Washington, DC: Washington, DC is frequently visited by aging war veterans that aren't as active and mobile as they were when they served. In an effort to allow these brave individuals to see the monuments and museums they risked their lives to protect, the city has installed wide sidewalks and upgraded the Metro to be one of the most accessible transportation systems in the world.

  3. Los Angeles, CA: All metro rail stations in sunny LA are wheelchair-friendly, and metrobuses offer automatic lifts. Venice Boardwalk, Universal Studios, and Dodger Stadium are all accessible and available for you to explore.

  4. Denver, CO: In addition to offering a Metro that is completely wheelchair-accessible, Denver offers priority seating to those with disabilities. People who depend on wheelchairs have access to a service that takes them anywhere within a three-quarter mile radius of further transportation.

  5. Portland, OR: Another eco- and wheelchair-friendly city, Portland's TriMet transportation system offers full wheelchair accessibility and a LIFT paratransit service for those who can't ride the regular bus or train.

Inclusive travel is entirely possible, just a little bit more difficult to find. The cities listed above were designed with inclusive travel in mind; visiting historical monuments, grand buildings, and beautiful parks have never been easier for wheelchair-bound individuals.

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