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Retirement Ready: Make Sure Your Home Has These 2 Things
shower chair for rehab


Growing old may not sound like something to look forward to, but it definitely comes with its perks: retirement, senior discounts, and a seemingly endless amount of time to do what really matters to you. Unfortunately, it has its drawbacks as well, chief among them being impaired mobility. Unless you commit to exercising consistently now, the simple act of walking will create aches in parts of your body you didn't even know you had. If you're nearing retirement age, you want to make sure that your home is as accessible as possible; here are two things to include to ensure your comfort at home.
  • First floor bedroom: There's a reason old people always live on the ground floor -- there are no stairs! Removing the need to constantly climb up and down flights of stairs makes day-to-day living much more manageable. No more struggling in the dark or stumbling because you miscounted the number of steps you'd already taken. Limiting your exposure to stairs also reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents -- we've all experienced the panic (followed quickly by pain) of thinking you were on the floor but actually having one step left. Keeping your bedroom on the first floor will make moving around a breeze as you float into and out of each room.

  • Shower chair: Utilizing a shower chair for rehab is the most common understanding of the seats, but that isn't their only purpose. As you age, daily life can be exhausting. You may suddenly find yourself worn out from standing in the hot water, eager to sit down for just a few minutes. They're more practical than you'd think and -- to be honest -- we'd advocate shower chairs for people of all ages; they're remarkably comfortable and create a little spot to relax while the steam and heat of the shower surround you. If you're in vehement denial that you could ever use or want one, consider this: they offer extra room for shampoo/conditioner bottles, and support for shaving!

Approximately 11.6 million people rely on canes, walkers, or crutches to get around. Even if you don't count yourself among them, limited mobility affects us all, at some point, in one way or another. Find yourself a shower chair for rehab, move your bedroom to the first floor, and make sure your home matches your self-reliant nature.

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