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Folding vs. Rigid Wheelchairs: How To Choose
Folding vs. Rigid Wheelchairs: How To Choose


You should know a few things about wheelchairs before purchasing one. For instance, these valuable tools come in both folding and rigid models. If you’re unfamiliar with one or both, then you may overlook critical details when shopping. Below, you will find a breakdown discussing folding vs. rigid wheelchairs and how to choose the best one for your lifestyle. Read on to learn more.

Foldable Flexibility

The clearest difference between both models is the foldable nature of each. A folding wheelchair does what it says—it folds into a compact shape to make it easier to transport and store. Not all rigid wheelchairs come with extensive foldable components, if any, so it’s important to consider this detail before purchasing.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean you can’t find folding wheelchairs in various designs. For example, our portable folding wheelchairs at DME Hub come in options such as lightweight, titanium, carbon fiber, and more.

Lightweight Structure

As mentioned above, folding wheelchairs can come in lightweight variations. This is important to stress because one detail that differentiates the average folding and rigid wheelchair is their weight. The rigid wheelchairs have a reputation for being lighter because they don’t require the parts of folding wheelchairs used to achieve their titular function.

Thus, if you want the reduced weight without sacrificing flexibility, make sure you buy a folding chair that is specifically designed to be lightweight; thankfully, they do exist on the market today.

Lifestyle Preferences

After comparing folding and rigid wheelchairs, understanding how to choose should be less confusing. When shopping for wheelchairs, your lifestyle is the biggest factor to consider. Will you be traveling outside a lot? Do you live an active lifestyle that requires a certain type of wheelchair to accommodate?

Now that you know more about the construction of folding and rigid wheelchairs, comparing them against your daily needs will set you down the right path. Browse the wheelchair designs available online right now to see how each model can start improving your day when it arrives.

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Take a closer look at what differentiates a folding and rigid wheelchair so you can put your money towards a chair that best supports your lifestyle.

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