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3 Signs You Need To Replace Wheelchair Casters
3 Signs You Need To Replace Wheelchair Casters


Each of the parts of your wheelchair is essential, as small as some of them may look. For instance, the casters are easy to overlook, but keeping an eye on them is critical. Casters can run into problems that hinder maneuverability when operating the chair. So how do you catch caster problems before they get worse? Keep reading so that you can always act responsibly—these are the signs you need to replace wheelchair casters.

A Wobbly Experience

Your wheelchair casters should spin freely every time you use them. One of the easiest ways to identify a caster problem is to see if the part is wobbling. If the caster shakes whenever it spins freely, you need to swap it out for a better, sturdier piece. Don’t worry; we carry a wide range of wheelchair caster wheels online so that you don’t have to stress every whenever you need to get a replacement.

Refusing To Spin

Another clear sign that you need to replace wheelchair casters is that they don’t spin freely at all. If you suspect something is wrong with the chair, physically move forward and keep an eye on the caster. It helps to monitor how your wheelchair moves when you first use it. That way, you can instantly tell whether your caster is spinning properly.

Visible Signs of Damage

Another detail that should be easily identifiable when inspecting your wheelchair is any visible sign of damage. Wear and tear can hinder various parts of the wheelchair. So taking care of parts like the caster can help you avoid wearing down pieces too quickly.

Even if you handle your wheelchair carefully, inspect the components thoroughly over time so that you can keep old, worn parts from hindering maneuverability. Thanks to the guide above, you can always know when it’s time for a new caster. Remember to act promptly to avoid any mechanical issues from getting worse.

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Start understanding the three signs indicating that you need to replace wheelchair casters so that you never overlook these essential components.

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