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Honor Flight Fundraises To Get Veterans New Wheels
tires for wheelchairs


The Honor Flight's purpose is a noble one; it is dedicated to helping veterans with limited mobility visit Washington, D.C. in an effort to commemorate their bravery, gallantry, and sacrifice. The ability to repay those who have given almost everything to protect this nation is extremely gratifying, but they don't always go as planned. Honor Flight Tallahassee is trying to raise money to purchase new wheelchair tires after their last trip resulted in significant damage.

"The last Honor Flight Tallahassee trip to Washington, D.C. was on May 19, 2018. Due to rain and the condition of the sidewalks, the wheel chair tires came apart and some veterans were riding on metal rims all day."

They've already identified a vendor, but the cost of replacing 80 tires for wheelchairs is more than they can afford. Since the charity relies almost solely on donation, they're asking for help to raise $3,000 to purchase new tires for wheelchairs. The local sheriff's department in Leon County has graciously offered to install them at no cost to the organization, but they need to acquire them first.

Honor Flight emphasizes the great need to provide this once in a lifetime opportunity to military veterans, allowing them to visit the World War II, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans War Memorials that have been raised in their honor.

Around 10% of the world's population currently lives with a disability, and no one really knows how much of that is due to injuries incurred during wartime. Honor Flight tries to give back to those who have already given so much by bringing them back to the heart of the United States so they can visit their own memorials.

Time is truly of the essence for these programs; the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that 640 World War II veterans die each day. The following excerpt was pulled from the Honor Flight Network website:

"Of all of the wars in recent memory, it was World War II that truly threatened our very existence as a nation -- and as a culturally diverse, free society. Our time to express our thanks to these brave men and women is running out. Honor Flight Network will continue do whatever it takes to fulfill the dreams of our veterans and help our heroes travel absolutely free."

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