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Boost Your Accessibility and Mobility by Installing Off Road Wheelchair Tires
Boost Your Accessibility and Mobility by Installing Off Road Wheelchair Tires


Your wheelchair will do you justice when riding on the well-paved roads and sidewalks in your neighborhood. You may never experience mobility challenges moving around your city because 98% of public transportation buses are well-equipped to accommodate wheelchair users. However, when you are on rough terrain, you may experience limited mobility, especially if you have an active outdoor lifestyle. But this should not be the case, because you can install off road wheelchair tires and conquer tough trails, tracks, and terrains with much ease.

Here is how off road tires for wheelchairs make off road riding more enjoyable and effortless.

Off Road Wheelchair Tires Have Better Traction

Off-road wheelchair tires have a firmer grip that boosts your wheelchair’s traction when riding on difficult and rugged terrains. Whether you are riding on a gravel road, or on the sandy shores of your favorite beach, off road tires will enhance your mobility. In places where your normal wheelchair may get stuck because of reduced traction, your off road tire will get you going. Off-road tires have a deeper tread that sustains a firm grip for a much longer time, even under heavy usage. Additionally, the natural rubber that is reinforced with high-quality fiber adds to the longevity and quality of off-road wheelchair tires. With off road tires, you can make inclusive excursions without fear of getting stuck in tough terrains.

The Reinforced Rubber Used to Make Off-road Tires Have Increased Puncture Protection

The seasoned wheelchair users with an active lifestyle mostly prefer using pneumatic tires. While pneumatic tires offer a smoother and less bumpy ride, they are puncture-prone. However, this should not deter you to select pneumatic off-road tires. The natural rubber that makes off road tires is reinforced with high-quality synthetics that harden the tires. This makes it very difficult for your wheelchair tires to sustain a puncture. As you ride in difficult terrains, punctures will be your last worry. Normal wheelchair tires can cause you great inconveniences, especially if you are an outdoor person who loves to explore rugged areas. You may also choose solid tires that are tubeless for your off road wheelchair tires. Solid tires are also a great option, even though they have a bumpier ride on tough ground.

Off Road Wheelchair Tires are Long lasting

The last thing you want is to install poor quality off-road tires that will need replacement every now and then. Given that you will be using your wheelchair to access difficult terrains, inferior quality off-road wheelchair tires will cost you a lot. That is why manufacturers of off-road tires for wheelchairs use high-quality rubber and synthetics to make the tires as tough as possible. This is not only good for your pocket, but also for your peace of mind. Knowing that your wheelchair tires will hold up even under maximum usage will give you the confidence to explore tougher terrains.

Off Road Wheelchair Tires are Convenient to Use

With the normal wheelchair tires, you will only be comfortable riding on smooth sidewalks and well-paved roads and ramps. When you need to get off-road, you will need extra help as you may get stuck, or worse still, trip over a stone or a rock. On the other hand, off-road wheelchair tires will work great on both terrains. In wheelchair-friendly places, your off road tires will still perform excellently. Off-road tires can be permanently installed on your wheelchair, so you do not have to repeatedly install and uninstall the tires every time you switch terrains. The freedom and convenience provided by off-road wheelchair tires is valuable for every wheelchair user with an active lifestyle.

Installing off road tires for wheelchairs means more freedom and accessibility. It is a great way to become self-reliant and increase your mobility in places where the normal wheelchair tire cannot measure up. Off road wheelchair tires are a superb choice for users who want to travel and explore more with their wheelchairs, rather than being confined to the same territory.


Product Summary
When you install off road wheelchair tires, you can conquer all of those tough trails, tracks, and terrains with much more ease.

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