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What Type Of Wheelchair And What Features Should You Consider?
What Type Of Wheelchair And What Features Should You Consider?


For those with limited mobility, it may more difficult or require a bit more accommodation in order to lead an active lifestyle. 7.1% of adults already find tackling stairs significantly difficult. This makes up more than 20 million non-institutionalized disabled individuals. 8.4 million are wheelchair users. This makes a remaining 11.6 million, who use either a cane, walker, or crutches for mobility.

Fortunately, in certain ways, modern society provides accessibility and inclusive travel. Limited mobility becomes less of an obstacle to tackle, particularly when it comes to public transportation. Approximately 98% of buses are able to accommodate sufficiently those in wheelchairs, allowing them to be more self-reliant.

Wheelchair Options For Limited Mobility

Folding Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs that fold means that they have a foldable frame. Typically, they are lightweight, and the collapsible aspect makes them convenient. There are various types of folding wheelchair, designed to accommodate more specific needs depending on the individual.

Lightweight and ultra lightweight chairs would be for those who prefer the lightest frames. Ergonomic chairs would provide the most comfort. Then, there are chairs for transport – built to be pushed by a companion – chairs specifically for airplane travel. There are ones that recline and ones for standing. There are chairs for pediatric use, bariatric use. Others accommodate active use.

Rigid Wheelchairs

On the other hand, individuals may also opt for a rigid wheelchair. Although their frames cannot be collapsed for convenience, the lesser number of moving parts make the chair much more efficient. For example, the brand Quickie provides high performance wheelchairs that, due to their efficiency, are lightweight, responsive, well-balanced, and precise in control.

Although wheelchairs that are rigid may not be as conveniently put away and stored, they have their own advantages in performance, due to minimalistic design, less moving parts.

Wheelchair Features

Several components are involved in giving wheelchairs comfortability, utility, and efficiency.

Arm pads, backrests, foot rests, cushion covers, and seat covers may provide comfort. Calf straps may provide security for the user. Brakes, hand rim grips, tires, and wheelchair casters – the two small wheels at the front of the chair – are necessary in ensuring proper control over maneuvering.


…For those with limited mobility, there are several factors to consider when choosing a type of wheelchair to use. Within foldable and rigid types, there are even specific variations that cater to individual needs – bariatric, pediatric, a range of weights, for transport, for comfort, for active use, amongst others. Lastly, the numerous parts of a chair play significant roles. They provide options to users in terms of comfort, of mobility and control, and of safety and security within the chair.

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