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What Do I Need To Look For In A High Performance Wheelchair?
What Do I Need To Look For In A High Performance Wheelchair?


It's extremely important to get a wheelchair that suits your lifestyle when you're using it all the time. High performance wheelchairs are like boots; the right ones will help you stay mobile, but the wrong ones will leave you uncomfortable and regretting your purchase.

So whether you're using your wheelchair to play sports or go on adventures abroad, you need to choose one that meets your active needs. That said, here are a few key factors to look for on your hunt for a high performance wheelchair.

How is the wheelchair designed?

The design of the chair itself is one of the most important factors when you're looking for active-lifestyle wheelchairs. Your chair ought to be as functional as possible. Look for a wheelchair that can be folded down for easy transport.

Keep in mind what you use and don't use on your current chair, too. For instance, if you never need help moving, it might be a good idea to forgo a wheelchair with handles.

How is the wheelchair handled?

The handling of your manual wheelchair is crucial when you're an active wheelchair user. You want a chair that's as functional as possible whether you're working, socializing, exercising, or adventuring.

That said, look for high-tech, lightweight features and metals. Wheelchairs that are made with carbon fiber or titanium are usually good choices because they make moving easier.

How comfortable is the wheelchair?

Comfort might seem like an obvious factor when you're considering a high performance wheelchair, but you'd be surprised how many wheelchair users are willing to give up comfort for ease of mobility. Don't do that. When you're exercising, you want to be as comfortable in your chair as possible.

Look for a wheelchair that promotes good posture and distributes pressure so you don't need to worry about pressure ulcers, which can be a serious health risk.

Where can I find high performance wheelchairs near me?

Every year, there are 2 million new wheelchair users in the United States. But not everyone uses the same wheelchair, and everyone has different lifestyles to adapt their chair to. That's where DME Hub comes in.

DME Hub provides high performance wheelchairs, wheelchair alterations, and wheelchair tires for wheelchair users with active lifestyles. To learn more about our different wheelchairs, tires, and accessories, contact DME Hub today.

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