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Rehab And Recovery: 3 Reasons Why Owning A Shower Chair Is Great
Rehab And Recovery: 3 Reasons Why Owning A Shower Chair Is Great


Living with limited mobility is no easy task, whether it's temporary or lifelong. From going to work to moving throughout your home, simple tasks become difficult challenges; one of the most frustrating of these is bathing.

If you're one of the 3.6 million Americans who use a wheelchair, or a part of the 11.6 million who rely on canes and walkers, getting in and out of the bathtub or shower is a mountain of a job. The risks associated are inherently much higher: you could slip, fall, and otherwise injure yourself with little to no difficulty, so extra care must be taken to ensure your bathing experience is a safe one. Let's take a look at three advantages of using a rehab shower chair in your home.

  • Safety: Shower chairs offer stability in an unstable environment. When movement is already limited, managing wet floors and surfaces can become stressful; since bathing should be as relaxing as it is purifying, including a shower chair can make the experience enjoyable rather than fraught with panic. You'll have something to hold onto, something to sit on, and -- most importantly -- something that gives a little bit of your power back.

  • Accessibility: Those who depend on wheelchairs and canes to get around often can't access places that those with full mobility take for granted. Hefting your leg over a bathtub, for instance, is a complicated and frustrating battle for individuals who can't move as easily. With a shower chair, you'll be able to transfer directly from your wheelchair into the shower chair, making the bathtub extremely more accessible.

  • Increased Independence: Often, those with limited mobility need to rely on friends, family members, and aides to get basic tasks done. Shower chairs, while not miracle devices, can make a huge difference in opening up the door to independence. Bathing is an intensely personal experience and having to share the space with a family member can make people feel weak and helpless. Shower chairs give some of that power back.

Your independence doesn't have to end due to mobility issues; with the proper equipment -- including folding wheelchairs, canes, and rehab shower chairs -- you can hold onto your own personal slice of freedom. By offering support, rehab shower chairs allow individuals to relax in a place that was previously a bit frightening; it's time to get yours today and let that fear go.

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