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Understanding the Importance of Wheelchair Bearings
Understanding the Importance of Wheelchair Bearings


According to statistics, there are approximately 3.6 million people who are over the age of 15 that utilize a wheelchair for mobility. Wheelchair bearings are a vital component of a wheelchair. Let’s examine their benefits and come to understand why bearings are a necessity for successful mobility and optimum functionality of a wheelchair.

Adult Wheelchairs and Bearings

A wheelchair manufactured for an adult has three components that utilize wheelchair bearings. They include the front caster, the front fork, and the rear wheel hub. Each of those wheelchair components utilizes two wheelchair bearings. Additionally, there are two of each element that serves both the right as well as the left of the wheelchair.

There are four wheelchair bearings each for the rear wheel forks, casters, and hubs. Should you need to purchase a new adult wheelchair, you want to ensure that you have the correct number. If you need to replace all of the wheelchair bearings on your wheelchair, you will need to purchase four caster bearings. The bearings will be needed for the four rear wheel hub bearings and front fork bearings.

Pediatric Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Bearings

A pediatric wheelchair or a wheelchair for a child has identical wheelchair bearings that a wheelchair for an adult has. In many instances, some pediatric wheelchairs are manufactured for more wheelchair bearings. There are some wheelchairs for children that have an anti-tip device that can also be considered a kind of wheelchair bearing.

Unlike an adult wheelchair, which features anti-tip devices and has no wheelchair bearing, an anti-tip wheelchair for a child will be crafted with a caster and a fork. Each of those elements will have two wheelchair bearings. When you purchase a wheelchair for a child, you want to ensure that you also purchase the correct amount of wheelchair bearings. Should you be replacing all of the bearings on the child’s wheelchair, you will need to purchase six fork bearings, six caster bearings, and four rear wheel hub bearings.

How Often Should Wheelchair Bearings Be Replaced?

Many wheelchair manufacturers suggest replacing wheelchair bearings annually. Within a span of a year, water can seep into the bearings and cause them to rust. Mobility for the self-reliant wheelchair occupant will be a bit more difficult, increasing the effort that the wheelchair occupant has to use to maneuver around in the wheelchair. Additionally, a person who is pushing a loved one, patient, or a friend in a wheelchair with rusted wheelchair bearings will have a difficult task in front of them. Finely crafted wheelchair bearings that are replaced each year help with mobility and wheelchair function. Wheelchair bearings should be made of the finest and most durable plastics and materials to ensure the safety of the wheelchair occupant.

What Are Wheelchair Bearings Made Of?

Wheelchair bearings are crafted of a few key elements as well as various materials depending on their usage for a particular wheelchair. Many wheelchair bearings are manufactured with ball bearings that are held together within a cage. There is also an outer as well as an inner ring.

The wheelchair bearings are also crafted with shields that help protect it from water and debris. Using wheelchair bearings made of high-quality materials will ensure that the wheelchair occupant remains safe while in the wheelchair.

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Wheelchair bearings are a vital component of a wheelchair. Let’s examine their benefits and come to understand why they're a necessity for successful mobility.

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