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Why Wheelchair Users Are Installing off Road Wheelchair Tires
off road tires for wheelchairs

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Do you want your wheelchair to do more for you, or rather, do you want to do more with your wheelchair? If this is the case, you should get off road tires for wheelchairs that increase your mobility in all terrains, including tough off-road terrains.

Off Road Wheelchair Tires

Depending on the type of wheelchair tires, your ease of access in different terrains may be boosted or have limited mobility. Your wheelchair wheels are made of different parts that include rims, front-wheel casters, push-rims, Mag-wheels or spokes, and the tires. The tires are the only part of your wheelchair wheels that touch the ground. Therefore, they are responsible for your mobility and different types of tires are suited for different terrains.

Off road tires for wheelchairs boosts your accessibility in tough terrains, hence make inclusive excursions possible. If you want to maintain an active lifestyle and still explore different places with your wheelchair, you should go for off road tires for wheelchairs. Off-road tires will give you extra freedom to visit more places with tougher terrains without getting stuck or sustaining lower back injuries from excessive straining.

Every year, there are about 2 million new wheelchairs users in North America. The bigger percentage of new wheelchair users prefer to be self-reliant and pursue an active lifestyle. Off road tires for wheelchairs give wheelchair users the ability to easily access more places without being limited by the terrain.

Off road wheelchair tires provide the following benefits.

1. Convenience of Use

If you’re using the normal wheelchair tires, you’ll be comfortable as long as you stick to the smooth sidewalks and the well-constructed wheelchair ramps. However, when you get off-road, the normal tires will not get you that far, and the little mobility they give you will be bumpy and uncomfortable. On the other hand, off road tires for wheelchairs will give you a smooth ride whether you’re riding on leveled path-walks or cruising down a gravel road. You don’t have to change the off road tires when you get back on the tarmacked and well-paved sidewalks.

2. Durability

Off road tires for wheelchairs are made from resilient materials such as rubber and synthetics that stand the test of time. Given that off road wheelchair tires give you the ability to cruise tough terrains, you may wonder how long-lasting they are. You don’t have to worry about changing the tires every now and then, as the off road tires will give long service even under heavy usage.

3. Freedom of Choice

With off road tires for wheelchairs, you can choose pneumatic tires or solid tires (puncture-proof tires). Pneumatic tires utilize tubes that are filled with pressure, while solid tires are tubeless. Instead, solid tires utilize rubber or plastic that cannot be punctured. Your choice depends on your preference after weighing the pros and cons of both types of off-road tires. Pneumatic tires will give you a smoother ride on the tougher terrains because they have a shock-absorbing function.

Additionally, pneumatic tires utilize high-pressure tubes that make them lighter and give them better traction. However, you may have to repair punctures that are common, especially, when you’re on tough terrains. On the other hand, solid tires don’t puncture and have low maintenance. They also last for long and most of the time, you don't have to replace them in the lifetime of the wheelchair. Nonetheless, they Are less comfortable and will give you a bumpy ride while riding on rough

4. With these great options available for off road tires for wheelchairs, you’ll choose the one that suits you best. Off road tires give you more freedom and control of the places you can visit and enjoy. You’ll be no longer limited to the footpaths and sidewalks in your city. You can live a more daring life and have fun exploring different places. The reputable wheelchair dealers near you'll give you great options for off road wheelchair tires that puts more freedom in your hands and makes you more self-reliant.

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